Create Store Only


Create Store consists of creating a sub domain on your hosting. We then create a very slimmed down website that houses the shopping cart framework. We then design up the shopping cart to look similar to your website that you have online. Note that is not exactly the same as your current website, but we will use your branding colours and fonts to get it looking very respectable and modern. This is ideal for sites that are already looking great and have good traction with SEO already.

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Website Rebuild


A Website Rebuild consists of taking your old website and rebuilding it using the framework we use for Skip Bin Hire Solutions. We give the site a fresh make-over, as well as add the skip bin hire shopping cart function to it. The website rebuild will bring your website up to the Bin Business level. Note that the website will look slightly different since it will be on a new platform.

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Bin Business


The Bin Business build consists of completely building a fresh website from scratch. Once we receive the few bits of content that we require from you about your business, including the bin sizes, pricing and delivery areas, then we complete the build. We start building the framework while you prepare the information about your business.

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Skip Bin Pro


The Skip Bin Pro build consists of a fresh new website being built similar to the "Bin Business" build. However, the difference being that Bin Pro brings a few more advanced features. These advanced features include Delivery Date Blocking (this is perfect to block out days / weeks / months that you cannot do deliveries), Dynamic Pricing, automated follow up emails and Social Discounts.

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Upgrade Details

To upgrade your Website Rebuild to the Skip Bin Pro specifications, simply add the upgrade option when making your order. More information about the additional features of the Skip Bin Pro build can be found on our Website Features page. Upgrading can be done at any time after the project is complete at the difference in price of Bin Business and Skip Bin Pro.