Delivery Dockets

Order Dellivery Docket NotificationDelivery Docket Order Notification

When your customer completes the easy online order form, you will receive an email notification that serves as your delivery docket order. The delivery docket will advise you of the delivery date, delivery address, waste type, bin size, waste extras and the location to place the bin from the customers comments in the ordering process.

The email notification / Delivery Docket Order Notification is customisable to match your company brand colours.

You will no longer need to record your deliveries in your diary to book in a job with the details, the site will already do this for you. You will only need to print these orders at the end of the day to program them in to your next days deliveries. 

(Click on the image to see a full size example of the delivery docket)

Order Notifications

Customer order Notifications | skip bin hire solutionsCustomer Order Notification

Your customer will be well at ease with the order that they have placed as your new website will be setup to notify your clients that they have placed an order.

The customer order notification  is customisable to match your company brand colours.

The customers email notification will confirm to your client the type of waste, the size of the bin, any extras that might have been ordered, a delivery date, delivery address and a note to advise where their bin will be placed on their property.

(Click on the image to see a full size example of the client order notification email)

Delivery Dates

Skip bin hire delivery date on shopping cartDelivery Dates

The single page checkout makes it incredibly easy to complete the order with the built in delivery date selection. Once the order is made, the date is then locked in and added to your job order list. 

Order confirmations with a fixed date gives peace of mind to your customers 

Once the order is processed, the client will receive an automated email confirmation to display the delivery date that they have selected.

NOTE: The Skip Bin Pro version allows for the business owner to lock out dates that skip bins will not be available, such as: days or times that you do not open, holidays or any other set of days you would like to have bins unavailable.

Stock Control

Skip Bin Hire Website Stock Control - OptionalStock Control

Skip Bin Hire companies like to have the control of their stock at all times of the skip bins. When the site is set up, you can control the stock level of your bins. When a skip bin has been ordered, the cart will automatically deduct the bin from your stock on the website.

You will have an option to show the stock of your skip bins on the product page, advising your customers if there are Skip Bins available

If the stock reaches Zero, then the website will stop the site from selling more bins than you have. Once a bin is returned, then you will simply add the product back into stock for the site to recognise the replenishment of bins in stock. Of course it is optional to have stock control of your skip bins. 

(Click on the image to see a full size example of enabling stock control and stock amounts)