Dynamic Pricing

Skip Bin Hire Trade pricingDynamic Pricing

Being able to provide a dynamic price for different clients is extremely easy, yet advanced enough that you can set a price per client or trade type. For instance a discounted price for Builder-1 and another discounted percentage for Builder-2. Having a dynamic price is the perfect solution to allow your general customers pay the standard full rate, while looking after your trade clients.

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Follow up Emails

Skip bin Hire Follow up EmailFollow up Emails

The perfect way to entice your first time buyers to return to your website to place another order some time in the future is to send them an email with a discount. This is standard marketing practice with many of the larger online ordering companies. We have an automated feature built in for sending your customers a follow up email to offer a percentage discount. This can be set up to send at any period of time after a customer has placed their order. The discounts can be setup for any percentages as an incentive to return as a customer. 

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Social Discounts

Social Discounts

Social Networking is the way forward to gain more exposure in today's online world. Companies that engage with their customers right at the heart of their social network are reaping the rewards of having your customers network of friends and family visit and order from your website. 

This engagement has your customers friends or friends or relatives visiting and placing orders on your website.